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Your personal relocation service—I am happy to help!

Yes, I really am! Because I know that right now you are under incredible pressure. You have a new job that is very challenging. You—and possibly your entire family—will be moving to a region that has been foreign and unknown up to now, and you have no idea how to register your address, where to live, whether your driver’s license is valid, where you can go out to eat, where you can practice your favorite sport, or how to send your children to the right school.

Personalized and individual service is my focus. Everything that you have to know and will need to be able to work efficiently and be present in your new environment, from the first day onward. I am happy to provide all of this, and usually much more as well.


We will visit the public offices, agencies, houses, apartments, schools, kindergartens, shopping centers, doctors, gyms, clubs, and facilities together. I will be happy to introduce you to interesting people so that you will quickly feel at home in your new region. My personal network is very extensive and you can only benefit from it.

I have been working in executive and boardroom offices since 1983. In Wetzlar, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, always working for people who get things done and always precisely in parallel: I was never in the front row, but I was happy to help things run smoothly every day. We took care of guests and new employees from all over the world and introduced them to specialized knowledge and their environment. This was always great fun, so since 1999 I have been working independently to provide personal relocation services: I want to help people from all over the world feel at home here, in my region, and always be happy to return.

I put out a regular newsletter so that newcomers don’t miss any important events in the region and can be a part of things—possibly even with others at the same time.

My international meet-ups will bring you and your family into contact with other newcomers. Meet like-minded people and exchange ideas, tips, and solutions.

Find new friends. Be part of a community, whether for a Christmas goose dinner or an outdoor concert.

When newcomers want to learn the language of their new country quickly, I am happy to organize an international tandem for them. They have a passion or a hobby, and make their native language available. I look for a sparring partner for them who would also like to learn their native language and who pursues the same hobby.

“Strangers are friends you just haven’t met yet.” I believe this with all of my heart, because since I started my freelance work I have met so many very nice people who are now personal friends, no matter where in the world they are right now!

I want “my” newcomers to feel good about being in my area, and to always want to come back, so I am happy to be there for them!

And yes, I am the crazy relocation lady who always drives around with the top down. That’s just another way for the people I help to feel close to their new home!


"Your help with expert local knowledge and professional dedication has been so important to me that I could not imagine how I might have managed without it."

Dr. Yu-Jiang Liu, Novartis Vaccines GmbH

"Ms. Steen supports us in all questions of the relocation-service with great commitment and great flexibility."

Thomas Ferber, HRM Novartis

"Stephanie relieved us of all of our worries. She was there for us even before we arrived. "Even now, anytime we have a question or concern, she is only a phone call away."

Alyssa Nemes