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Come on up!

The world is a colorful place, and in the age of the global economy it is right outside your door. Next door. Everywhere. Even in central Hesse. Professionals and managers from all over come to Lahn and Dill, and professionals and managers from Lahn and Dill can be found everywhere.

This gives us not only new dreams to share, but also the opportunity to bring these dreams to life. Everywhere. Even in Lahn and Dill. Here in central Hesse.

All of this opens up fascinating new perspectives for anyone with an eye out for opportunity. The international tandem in central Hesse is one.

Get on and look out!

Curious people get to know the world.

The world gets to know central Hesse.

The idea of the international tandem is as simple as all ingenious ideas throughout human history. There are curious, open-minded, exciting people everywhere. They are usually just the type of people who eventually pack their bags and go out into the world in order to profitably apply their expertise somewhere on this globe.

And here, in turn, there are also many curious, open-minded, exciting people. They travel throughout the world to get to know other people, cultures, languages, visions, and challenges. And the great hospitality that so many people around the world are known for.

This is good. But it can be even better. By meeting the people from around the world who have already come to central Hesse, and are looking for exactly these open-minded and interested contemporaries.

Essentially, it is just a matter of logistics to bring together these two cosmopolitan groups.  And that is what we do with the international tandem.

An international tandem always consists of two.

One insider and one outsider.

We bring them together. We work a lot like any other partner search.

Phase 1: Hunting and gathering

We are looking for as many cosmopolitan people as possible. “Natives,” that is, people from central Hesse and those who have lived here a long time and have mastered the German language and culture.

And “newcomers,” the people from other cities, countries, and worlds who have come to central Hesse for whatever reason. Wherever possible, these newcomers to central Hesse should speak a different language and have a different cultural background than the “natives.” This makes the tandem more colorful—but is not mandatory.

Phase 2: Matching

Using a structured questionnaire, we ask all parties about their interests. We compare them and carefully figure out who matches whom. Of course we also take special requests into consideration wherever possible.

Come together

Then we come together in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone gets to know each other. Our initial selection is a suggestion. Everyone then decides for themselves whether this suggestion is appealing, and tandem partners find each other.

Then the tandems begin. They each decide how to manage their intercultural exchange. We provide support wherever desired. The objective is to have tandem partners meet up at least once a month, or more often. Then they talk in both languages about everything that they find interesting about the other culture. Or they just cook, hike, dance, party, or do whatever they like.

Phase 3: Taking stock and final meeting

After some time, as agreed on beforehand, everyone gets together again for a “family reunion of international tandems”. Here we take stock of our experience.

Is everyone satisfied with their choice of partner? Is anyone missing something that could be found together or in exchange with other tandems? Where can we offer additional support?

At the end of the previously agreed on tandem period, there is a final meeting where everyone takes stock The tandem is then officially brought to a close.

But perhaps this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship?

Are you interested in joining us?

If you like this idea and want to be part of it, then just fill out an application form: